Head Out To Victory

Torah thought for Parshat Ki Teitzei

Dedicated in memory of Cheresh ben Yosef

Head Out To Victory

“When you head out to war against your enemies, Hashem will deliver them into your hands and you will take them captive.”  

Deuteronomy 21:1


The message of the opening verse of this week’s Parsha is a promise to return from war victorious. Why then does it begin with “When you head out to war”?


“Enemy” stated here is also a reference to the enemy within our own self — our animalistic and mundane desires that battle against the G-dly drive within us to do good. 

This battle of good vs. evil may seem like an impossible feat, too difficult for us, without a victory in sight. 

The Torah, therefore, begins with “…head out.”  This teaches us that we must only head out. Then,  the Torah promises that Hashem ensures our victory and He delivers our inner enemies into our hands.

The verse is thus to be understood: “When you – are confronted with inner challenges, take one small step and – head out to war against your – inner – enemies. Then, Hashem will deliver them into your  hands and you will – conquer them and – take them captive.”

Adapted from teachings of the Rebbe “likutei Sichos vol. 2 p.384”