Energize The Moment

During this time of year we have the special mitzvah of “Counting the Omer”. This Mitzvah is that though we know how many days there are from Passover (the Holiday we celebrate leaving Egypt) till Shavuot (the holiday we celebrate receiving the Torah) non-the-less we should count each day. 

Kabbalah teaches that every hour of the day has a unique divine energy behind it. And we have the ability to reveal that divinity.

Our clocks and calendars reflect this divinity. There are 24 hours in a day. And there are 4 weeks in month.
In Hebrew G-d’s holy name has four letters י-ה-ו-ה. There are 24 permutations of 4 (4x3x2x1=24). These are the 24 hours of the day. Each hour reflects and represents another permutation. Similarly, there are four weeks in each month. Each week represents another letter of G-d’s holy name.

For this reason we count each day. In preparation for receiving the Torah, we look to each day seeking its divine potential. We approach each day eager to transcend it with G-dliness and elevate it to G-dliness.

Now when we are home with less distractions of work, less distractions of social entertainment, let’s get to work; let’s realize our task and seize the moment. Let’s realize the G-dly energy behind each moment. Thereby, we will infuse our thoughts speech and actions with positivity in a way that will effect the rest of our life.